Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities 數位人文研究研究小組

Cluster Leader:
Dr Hui Kin Yip, Department of Chinese Language & Literature
Dr Wong Ka Ki, Department of Chinese Language & Literature

The research cluster of Digital Humanities aims at formulating research projects utilizing digital sources, methods and tools in the research methodology and the critical analysis of their application. Examples of DH methods include digitizing and preserving archives, textual analysis of large archives, close/distant reading of corpora, compiling and analysing social media content, compiling and annotating audio-visual databases, geospatial visualization, data visualization, digital publishing and immersive technology. The DH Cluster encourages collaboration among colleagues from different disciplines and thus will welcome theme-based research projects, such as gender politics, environmental issues, animal and plant studies, sociolinguistics, Hong Kong studies, and city studies, etc.