Centre for Interdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice and Research (CIEBPR)

In 2014, the Hong Kong Shue Yan University (the University) was awarded an Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) grant to launch an interdisciplinary research platform to promote interdisciplinary research within the University. The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research was then established. In 2016, the University was awarded another IDS grant to construct the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-based practice to promote research in evidence-based practice within the University. After the completion of the above two IDS projects, the two research centres were restructured to form the new Centre for Interdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice and Research (CIEBPR) in January 2021. The operation of the CIEBPR is funded by a private donation. 

The overall goal of the new Centre is to promote concerted efforts between researchers and practitioners across disciplines to meet the ever-changing demands for research and professional practices in the contemporary society. The Centre also aims to cultivate knowledge by integrating interdisciplinary evidence-based practice and research to enhance the effectiveness of teaching, learning, and professional practices.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To develop an interdisciplinary platform to promote evidence-based practice and research,
  2. To offer opportunities to academics and practitioners to gain insight, skills, and knowledge from respected academics and accomplished researchers in the design and implementation of interdisciplinary evidence-based practice and research,
  3. To develop expertise within the University in the areas of interdisciplinary evidence-based practice and research,
  4. To strengthen the provision of training and education in evidence-based practice and research at the University, and
  5. To establish and enhance links between the University and community partners via the joint development and implementation of evidence-based practice and research projects.