Centre for Interdisciplinary Research till Dec 2020

HKSYU has been making its endeavor to enhance the quality and the quantity of research production. The establishment of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform (IRP) is a great move towards this goal. The construction of the IRP began in 2015, whose objective is mainly to encourage the conduct of interdisciplinary research. Currently, it is also one of the two projects in Shue Yan under the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) launched by the government in 2013, which aims to increase the research capacity of the local self-financing degree-awarding institutions.

Owing to the fact that 12 existing research centers of different academic areas are working independently in HKSYU, this IRP project serves as a platform that experts and resources from each centre could be amalgamated. Thus creating greater opportunities for researchers. Three main areas have been identified which could be worked out by all existing disciplines, namely Brain-Based Teaching and Learning, Decision Making, and Negotiation and Persuasion.

Series of public lectures, research workshops and academic tutorials hosted by the IRP offer opportunities for both staff and students of the University to obtain broader knowledge and skills from international scholars and researchers. Apart from the research activities organized, the project also provides state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment to support advanced research in Brain-Based Teaching and Learning, Decision Making, and Negotiation and Persuasion. By means of the IRP, HKSYU anticipates the intellectual stimulation resulting from the interdisciplinary interaction will improve teaching, learning and research across the University, which create and sustain a distinctive niche in the three strategic areas.  

Three Strategic Research Themes

IRP promotes interdisciplinary research in three main areas, they are: