Community Health and Primary Care

Community Health and Primary Care 社區健康及基層醫療研究小組

Cluster Leaders
Dr Bobo Lau, Department of Counselling & Psychology
Dr William Wong, Department of Family Medicine & Primary Care, HKU

The promotion of health starts in the community, and primary care serves as a fortress to defend the community’s health. Echoing the World Health Organization's Social Determinants of Health framework, an interdisciplinary approach is adopted to explore how physiological, psychological, social, economic, familial, community, and environmental characteristics interact to shape our well-being. The team develops research projects that are responsive to emerging health issues and pressing health needs of the community. Current research projects include perceptions and hesitancy of COVID-19 vaccination; public awareness, risk perceptions and stigma associated with hepatitis B infection; community support of gynaecological cancer survivors; and community end-of-life care for non-malignant chronic diseases. Through an interdisciplinary effort, the team aims to foster and reinvent existing frontline health and social care practices through evidence-based research.