Demography and Aging Societies

Demography and Aging Societies 人口學與老齡化社會研究小組

Cluster Leaders:
Dr Gigi Lam, Depatment of Sociology
Dr Flora Lau, Depatment of Sociology

Most of the developed economies experienced irreversible changes in the shape of population pyramid to the inverted ones. The change in age structure is the compound result of low fertility and long lifespan, which leads to a worsening old age dependency ratio and in turn, provokes various social issues in different aspects of life. The research team will investigate these emerging social issues through sociological, psychological, demographic, public health, and social policy approaches. Research topics include: What are the emerging social issues as a result of the aging population across aging societies? How do single people or people growing old without children cope with aging? What are the policy implications for aging societies? What experiences can we learn from places outside Hong Kong?