Research Clusters

The overall goal of the Centre is to promote concerted efforts between researchers and practitioners across disciplines to meet the ever-changing demands for research and professional practices in the contemporary society. The Centre also aims to cultivate knowledge by integrating interdisciplinary evidence-based practice and research to enhance the effectiveness of teaching, learning, and professional practices. Currently, the Centre has eight research clusters supported by interdisciplinary teams of researchers from the Hong Kong Shue Yan University as well as local and overseas universities. The Centre also provides research training opportunities for postgraduate students. 

Cluster Leaders: Dr Bobo Lau and Dr William Wong
Cluster Leaders: Dr Kacey Liu and Dr Wong Ka Ki
Cluster Leaders: Dr Monica Law and Dr Celine Cui
Cluster Leaders: Dr Steve Fong and Dr Kitty Mo
Cluster Leaders: Dr Hui Kin Yip and Dr Wong Ka Ki
Cluster Leaders: Dr Gigi Lam and Dr Flora Lau
Cluster Leaders: Ms Helen Kwok and Professor Catherine Tang