Consumer Behaviour and Decision-Making

Consumer Behaviour and Decision-Making 消費者行為和決策研究小組

Cluster Leaders
Dr Monica Law, Department of Business Administration
Dr Celine Cui, Department of Business Administration

Due to changes in technology adoption, market trends, and other factors, consumer behavior has been changing. We are a group of academic researchers who conduct research on consumer behavior, such as what motivates consumers to buy, when to decide to buy, why to buy and use certain products, and so on. One of our current research areas is related to social media analysis. We plan to investigate how social media information, comments, reviews and other stimuli factors influence consumer decisions. The research is divided into two phases. The first stage includes a critical literature review of academic journals in social media research, and then proposes a conceptual framework. The second phase involves case studies to show how the proposed framework facilitates consumers’ purchasing decisions.