Project Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based Practice! I hope that this website can show you the insight and vision of the future development of Shue Yan. Hong Kong Shue Yan University was founded in 1971. Being the first self-financed university in Hong Kong, we wish to continue our education philosophy and vision in our long term development.

With four and a half decades of dedicated effort, Shue Yan has established her way of offering students quality tertiary education that combined practical professional skills and academic knowledge. Envisaging the future development of Shue Yan, we are aspired to develop a more active research culture and a better learning environment in the University. The ultimate goal of the Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based Practice is to cultivate knowledge by integrating research and evidence in practice to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Through public lectures, academic workshops and research skill trainings organized by the Centre, we are more passionate than ever in enriching our research culture particularly in the interdisciplinary research areas of evidence-based practice.

In the coming future, we will establish an evidence-based practice research platform for scholars of various disciplines to gain insights and knowledge from each other in the design and implementation of interdisciplinary research in evidence-based practice. Internationally renowned experts will be invited to deliver seminars and share their research outcomes.  We wish to form a solid base where we can exchange valuable ideas for project collaboration that further enhance our teaching and research to excel as a teaching-led and research-active University.

Thank you for letting us share our vision with you.

Prof. Yeung Wing-Kay
Head, Department of Business Administration
Hong Kong Shue Yan University