[Online Lecture] How to find out what works: An exploration of key methodologies

Event Type: Research Workshop

Event Theme: Evidence-based Practice

Speaker: Prof. Donald Forrester (Professor of Child and Family Social Work, Cardiff University)

Lecture Video site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i3yk92mHLo

Language: English


Building on the themes of the lecture, this workshop will consider randomized controlled trials, Realist evaluation and complex adaptive systems as approaches to evaluation. The focus will be on participative and interactive exploration using real world problems. Implications for research design and future directions in evaluation will be explored. 


About the Presenter

Donald Forrester is Professor of Child and Family Social Work at Cardiff University, where he is Director of the CASCADE Centre for Children’s Social Care Research and Development. Professor Forrester’s research in services for vulnerable children focusses on the relationship between professional practices and outcomes for children and their families. He has led studies and reviews with a combined worth of over £15 million, using a wide range of evaluative methodologies. His particular research interests include adapting methodologies to research complex situations, observing and understanding direct practice and evaluating initiatives to improve practice.

Contact Information

Should you have any enquiries, Please feel free to contact: cebp@hksyu.edu