Basic functions of Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing System (CATI)

Event Type: Workshop

Event Theme: Evidence-based Practice

Speaker: Dr. Raymond Chui (Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, HKSYU)


Date:  27 April 2018 (Friday)

Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Venue: RLG402, Research Complex, HKSYU

Language: English Presentation, Q&A in Cantonese / English



1) Refreshment will be provided. 
2) Free Admission.
3) As seats are limited, registration is mandatory. 



Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing System (CATI) is a telephone interviewing mode in which a computer displays the questions on a screen, the interviewer reads them to the respondent over the phone, and enters the respondent’s answers directly into the computer. CATI research has considerable advantages, for example, data is entered directly and the subsequent transactions of data processing are eliminated which implies that cost and punching errors can be reduced; the whole process of interviewing and result analysis is speeded up because data is entered as it is obtained.

Recently Shue Yan has installed a CATI system in the IDS computer laboratory which enables staff and students to carry out social science and business research by conducting telephone surveys in a convenient and reliable manner. In this workshop, Dr. Raymond Chui will share with us his experience in using CATI in his teaching and research, as well as teach us the basic functions of the CATI model we now have in the computer laboratory.

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